Musical Instruments for Toddlers Christmas 2022

Musical Instruments for Babies and Toddlers

Gift Ideas for Christmas 2022

There's a plethora of all-in-1 style battery noise maker toys kids love.  But I like to look for instruments that are more geared towards supervised early learning activities.  Here are some of the items we love to use for our early learning homeschool activities.

We bought this set for our daughter when she was a baby.  At first, we only gave her a few pieces for safety reasons...the egg shakers, the guiro shaker without the stick, and the maraca shakers.

As she gets older we're giving her access to more pieces, and it's been a good buy because it wasn't expensive, and we're getting a lot of mileage out of the set.

I have a two-and-a-four-year-old and they both absolutely adore this set.

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This little keyboard is so much fun for kiddos and parents too!  Our toddler used the demo songs like a radio.  It comes with sheet music for the demo songs and has some fun sounds.  Because it's actually a big kid toy there's no lock over the battery slot so it's not appropriate for unsupervised play.

I had one of these keyboards years ago, and it lasted through 3 kids, and a flood. which is survived though.
Although they don't come with power cords, it's worth mentioning that I find they are extremely efficient on batteries. I only had to change the batteries a couple times per year.

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Great alternative to an electric keyboard and more engaging than a xylophone for a young child. It's fun to watch the little one learn the logical interval relationships between the bells, and the sounds of "learning" are surprisingly pleasing.

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Bought these to use at Church. The adults loved them! These bells turn adults into children who love to play music! Everyone looks forward to ringing the bells.

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As a Suzuki piano teacher, I work with small children. Even though they're young, their repertoire is quite extensive. I wanted to have a set of low Boomwhackers so we could play the songs that need more than one octave, but the tubes in the bass set were MUCH too long for a 4- or 5 year old to use successfully. So I simply bought another set of C Major Diatonic tubes and put the Octavator Caps on them. My students love them and are genuinely thrilled to be able to play all the songs in Book One on the Boomwhackers (I got the treble extension pack as well quite a while ago).

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