Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Modern Marketing for Musicians and Music Teachers: With Allan Dib, Author of The 1-Page Marketing Plan

There is always an investment. If you don't have the money, then your investment is time. You want to connect with, as Kevin Kelly calls it, "your thousand true fans."  I think almost any artist can make it if they've got a thousand true fans, the people who really love what they do and connect with what they do.

It's all about finding; Who are you for? Who is your audience? Who are your people that are willing to be your raving fans, and the people who are willing to follow you where you go? That kind of thinking necessitates that you need to think about, "OK, who are my people?" Too many people try to find an audience for their stuff, whereas I like to do the reverse.

I like to find an audience, and I like to serve that audience with what they already want. Rather than trying to create demand, saying, "Here's my stuff. Buy my stuff," or "Follow me," or whatever, I want to find that audience who already want something, and I just give it to them.

It's far, far easier to give someone what they already want, rather than to make someone want what you've got.